4th Annual Courtmacsherry Lifeboat swim

Write-up by Ray McArdle

1Blind Strand

On Saturday, August 23rd at 4.00pm, 93 swimmers took to the water for the 4th annual Courtmacsherry Lifeboat swim.  53 of these completed the longer 3K swim with the other 40 completing 1.5K.

The swim was supported by 9 kayakers, 3 support boats and the Lifeboat.  We also had volunteers assist with registration, time keeping, photographs, markers, support boats, liaising with the Lifeboat team and parking.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered.  The swim could not happen without them.

All 960 photos are available here.

And they're off!And they’re off!

After the swim the RNLI volunteers had prepared warm welcoming soup and sandwiches for the swimmers (which they devoured).  The ‘Great Courtmac Bake Off’ also took place with some delicious treats, which lasted less than 60 seconds.

Cake time!Yummy!

The 3K swim was dominated, again, by the ladies.  Charlotte Reid from Aer Lingus S.C. was first home in togs and Nancy Edmead from Clonakilty Penguins dominating the wetsuit category in a new course record.

WinnerCharlotte beating all comers


Finally, big thank you to our sponsors Trend Micro, for the hats, which were appreciated by all.
Swim hats

Category Winners

Men Women Men Suits Women Suits
1.5K Owen O’Keefe Bronwyn Cummins Gary Quinn Beibhinn Crowley
3K Ned Dennison Charlotte Reid Pat Treacy Nancy Edmead

1.5K results

Number Name M/F Togs/Suit Time Category position Overall Position
125 Owen O’Keefe M T 18.57 1 1
115 Brendan O’Brien M T 21.02 2 2
308 Bebhinn Crowley F W 22.13 1 3
120 Bonwyn Cummins F T 22.35 1 4
117 Gary Quinn M W 22.39 1 5
105 Jane O’Halloran F W 22.49 2 6
124 Fiona Ross F W 23.56 3 7
114 Sean Flood M W 24.07 2 8
101 Mick Harkin M W 24.17 3 9
106 Donal O’Halloran M W 24.29 4 10
102 Eoghan Cudmore M W 24.47 5 11
133 Carl Richards M T 24.54 3 12
130 Aideen O’Riordan F W 25.45 4 13
352 Ruth Deane F W 26.29 5 14
135 James Naughton M W 26.33 6 15
136 Jacek Jabkiewicz M W 27.48 7 16
327 Erik Burhn M W 28.04 8 17
119 Jeanne Dennehy F T 28.47 2 18
347 Peter O’Mahony M W 29.01 9 19
134 Ken Cashman M T 29.49 4 20
116 Frank Buckley M W 29.58 10 21
113 Mary Collins F W 30.08 6 22
351 Rob McFadden M T 30.15 5 23
111 Laurent Dikous M W 31.05 11 24
131 Luis Caceras M W 31.11 12 25
128 John Dunne M T 31.37 6 26
107 Maria Foley F W 31.58 7 27
137 Niall Crowley M W 32.01 13 28
109 Anne Hennessy F W 32.43 8 29
121 Kieran Burns M W 32.51 14 30
103 Mike Harris M T 32.59 7 31
127 Mary Cotter F W 33.05 9 32
108 Tina Hayes F W 33.16 10 33
129 Angela Harris F W 34.14 11 34
132 Brenda Sisk F T 35.17 3 35
122 Catalina Gonzalea F W 37.52 12 36
118 Joe Cashman M T 42.29 8 37
110 Aisling Barry F T 42.52 4 38
123 Catherine Stanton F T DNF 5 39

3K Results

Numer Name M/F Togs/Suit Time Cat position Overall Position
304 Nancy Edmead F W 36.38 1 1
324 Charlotte Reid F T 38.47 1 2
301 Ned Dennison M T 38.58 1 3
126 Pat Treacy M W 40.33 1 4
307 Eoin Keane M T 41.01 2 5
339 Eddie Irwin M T 41.24 3 6
323 John McCarthy M T 41.35 4 7
325 Sarah Farrelly F T 41.43 2 8
314 David Hodge M W 41.55 2 9
311 Sean Keohane M W 42.18 3 10
340 Neddie Irwin M W 42.24 4 11
337 Eoin O’Riordan M T 42.35 5 12
305 Thomas Kenefick M W 42.37 5 13
309 Caimin Crowley M W 42.39 6 14
104 Gavin O’Halloran M W 44.16 7 15
306 Eleanor Courtney F W 44.33 2 16
319 Adrian Healey M T 45.16 6 17
332 Finbarr Headerman M T 45.17 7 18
328 Rob Bohane M T 45.22 8 19
315 Declan O’Keefe M T 45.29 9 20
353 Eilish Wilcox F W 47.17 3 21
333 Cian Harley M T 47.34 10 22
334 May Harley F T 47.51 3 23
326 Colin Wilson M W 48.24 8 24
338 David Dineen M W 50.08 9 25
348 Conor McCarthy M W 50.56 10 26
317 Geoffroy Renet M W 51.13 11 27
349 Cyril Desmond M W 51.48 12 28
312 Sean O’Neill M W 51.59 13 29
318 Enda Boyle M W 52.54 14 30
335 Sally Cudmore F W 53.15 4 31
321 Sandra Howard F T 53.25 4 32
344 Fergus Galvin M T 53.26 11 33
320 Dave Mulcahy M T 53.52 12 34
336 Wendy Leary F W 53.58 5 35
331 Peter Walsh M T 54.07 13 36
350 Sean Munley M W 54.29 15 37
322 Alex Jeffers M W 55.07 16 38
303 Gordon Adair M T 55.08 14 39
346 Mark McGarry M W 55.18 17 40
310 Kristen Jeffers F W 55.22 6 41
352 Roisin Lewis F T 55.27 5 42
355 Woyciech Lange M W 55.59 18 43
330 Manu Nadal M W 56.07 19 44
345 Karine Regazzoni F T 56.24 6 45
316 Angela Larkin F T 57.31 7 46
313 Audrey Burkley F W 61.26 7 47
343 Simon Moynihan M T 61.51 15 48
354 Frank Kennedy M W 64.27 20 49
342 Karen McEvoy F W 65.38 8 50
341 Nora Irwin F T 65.39 8 51
302 James Mullins M W 68.19 21 52
329 Noel Quinn M W 73.09 22 53
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Páraic Casey Celebratory Event

On this Saturday, June 21st, we will hold our second annual summer solstice event at Sandycove to celebrate the life of our dear friend Páraic Casey. It will kick off around 12:30pm with a swim at 1:00pm for whoever wants to get in. There is no distance requirement – even if you just want to dip your big toe you are more than welcome!

After the swim we will stay around Sandycove and spend some time eating and chatting and remembering Páraic. If you want to bring a picnic then please do as we will not be providing food this year.

Traffic at Sandycove will be busy on the day. Please try to carpool if you can and be considerate of the locals when you are parking your car – no blocking of driveways please!

Fingers crossed that the weather will be better than last year! Here’s to an afternoon where we celebrate Páraic’s life and the life we shared with him. Please pass on the message to anyone that you know that might like to come along. Hope to see you all there :)

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The OW Season has begun!

Last night kicked off our open water season with our start of season dinner at Market Lane (huge thanks to Angela Harris for organising!). It was a great night for catching up with people that we haven’t seen all winter and for discussing plans for upcoming swims. So on that note, it’s time to start planning your events for the season! The Munster calendar of events for this summer is available here and is also linked on the calendar page. It will be updated as more information becomes available and as more swims open for entries so keep checking back. Huge thanks to Finbarr Hedderman for putting it all together.

Our swim organisers are all volunteers and spend a huge amount of their own time putting these events together. One of the best ways to help them is by signing up early so that they know how many people that they will have swimming. This is very important particularly for organising safety cover. If lots of people sign up at the last minute it causes a huge headache for the organisers in the run-up to the swim. So if you know that you definitely want to do a swim, please sign up as soon as you can.

Happy planning :)

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2014 Spring Dinner

For the past few years we have been officially starting the real OW season with a Spring Dinner. It’s an ideal opportunity to catch up with others and to plan and chat about whats ahead for the season. There is an Active Link below for you to book and pay for your meal (Drinks are your own!). +1’s are welcome too (if they can tolerate swimming banter!) :)


The Sandycove Spring Dinner is on Saturday, March 29th at 8.30pm in Market Lane Restaurant, Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork and we would love to see you there!

If you would like to attend please book your place on the below link, and then select Spring Dinner 2014


The cost of dinner is €33 for a three course (drinks are not included) Menu sent via email 24/02/14.

Directions are attached for you and a link to their website.



Looking forward to seeing you all there!

 Best Wishes,


Sandycove Club Secretary

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Mid February News!


1- Well Done to Ned on completing the Hong Kong Cold Half (15km) swim last Saturday. A Great swim in sometimes challenging conditions.!  There is a nice report here :)

2- Good Luck to Swimmers in Perth this Saturday taking on the Annual Rottnest Swim (20km). Lisa Cummins is amongst a few other familiar names entered for the swim. (some swimmers from Distance week are there too!). Rottnest swim website

3- Well Done to swimmers at the Sundays Well Gala last weekend. Some new people to competition and some seasoned pool swimmers setting times early in the year as markers! Keep up the training.

4-Entries are open for the Kingdom Masters Gala in Tralee on Saturday 5th April – the only link I can find is here, so download the entry form and post off your entries before the end of March!

5- Finally, the awesome GADD swim is now live on active, if you want to start planning your Summer Sea swims, no better way to kick it off than in Glengarriff on June 14th. Entry link to the swim on active global is HERE

Thats it for now, keep looking for those Short term/Medium term goals to keep you active! Spring is in the air! :)

Spring is coming... REALLY

Spring is coming… REALLY

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Winter Dips

Don’t Forget, swimming at Sandycove is year Round. There may not be a problem with parking, and you may not bump into many people while out in the water, but still, people are meeting up. Have a look at the Sandycove Schedule on the website (it is under ‘calendar’ Tab on the menu above). But here are some upcoming dates at a glance.

Sandycove Swim Times Feb/Mar 2014

Sandycove Swim Times Feb/Mar 2014

Remember, Swim Smart, Know your limits in the cooler climate we have now (winter!). The sea temps may be around 8deg but the much cooler air temp will make it harder to warm up, so bring the layers and the warm drinks for after your swim. And don’t ever swim alone.!

Finally, there is a regular gang swimming from Myrtleville Beach Every Saturday morning at 8.15am and sometimes at 4.30pm on a Monday and Thursday!. Check the Myrtleville website to keep up to date with definate weekday times.  If you are on Twitter, Damian mans the account @MyrtlevilleS with updates.!

If you have anything to add to the website, email us at sandycoveswimmers@gmail.com :)

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Some Pool Events to think about!


As promised here are some details of upcoming Masters Swimming galas in Feb/Mar. Nothing like setting yourself a short term target. To Enter these competitions you must be a Swim Ireland Member of any Club.

First up on Saturday 15th Feb in Douglas, Cork. Sundays Well Masters are holding their annual Gala. Closing Date for entries is 7th Feb. Full details of the day found here

Saturday 15th Feb 2014. 2pm Start (warm up from 1:30pm)
1. Mixed 100m Individual Medley
2. Mixed 200m Freestyle
3. Mixed 50m Backstroke
4. Mens 50m Breaststroke
5. Mixed 100m Freestyle
6. Mixed 50m Butterfly
7. Mixed 50m Freestyle + 8-24. Relays

Next Up is the Irish Long Course (50m) Masters in UL. Limerick Masters host this event, this has a much bigger schedule of events, including 400/800/1500 Free for those that want longer swims!. Details can be found on the Limerick Masters Site HERE . Watch the closing date for this Event, entries must be in by 31st Jan 2014.

More information on Masters Swimming can be read here: http://www.irishmastersswimming.ie/


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