Sandycove Relays at Masters Galas

Anyone who is a paid up Sandycove member for 2015, and willing to swim on a Relay at Sundays Well Masters (Sat 14/02) or at Limerick Masters (Sat 07/03) can you let me know please.

The Club are covering the cost of the relay entries, and I need to get lists together for Teams. No previous experience needed, we’ll let you know what to do. Tumble Turns / Diving off starting blocks is not essential. Turning with a touch will be fine as is diving off the side of the deck. These are not international competitions!..

Masters Relays are based on the age of the 4 swimmers combined, so anyone over the age of 19 is eligible with no upper limit.!. We add the ages together and that’s the age group the relay competes in. That is why we need to know names beforehand, we have to pre-enter the team in the correct age bracket.

At Sundays Well, We will aim to enter the 4 x 50m Freestyle relays and Medley Relays (if we have people to cover all 4 strokes). They Have Male and Female relays, as well as 4 x 50 mixed relays – 2 male / 2 female :) Relays are on late in afternoon – about 4pm.

The Limerick Relays are 4 x 100m (male/Female/Mixed, Free and Medley). Limerick is a Long Course competition (50m). Relays are on at lunchtime and later in day about 5pm.

To be included on relays for either or both galas  Let me know before Friday 30th Jan. (via Sandycove FB page or email – or via Angela if stuck!)

Reminder – The Limerick Masters Individual Entries are due in by this Friday 30th Jan, and the Sundays Well Entries are due in by Fri 6th Feb.

Entry Forms:

The Next Date for a Masters gala will be the Kingdom Masters in Tralee on Sat March 28th (information not yet out!) but we will have relays again :)

Happy Winter Training.


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The olive branch…a note (for a vote) for SISC.


A great post from our fellow Cork ‘OW group’… (not a club!)… :)

Originally posted on Myrtleville Swimmers:

I know in the past I may have made the odd comment that might have been open to misinterpretation but really, we’re all friends in Myrtleville and Sandycove – right lads?

I mean – seriously – Moz never thought I really wanted him tarred and feathered for what he did to The Hat, did he?  And Mr. Finbarr, sure he didn’t mind being compared to Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons – sure he didn’t?

The Bull – me ould buddy, Robbie – he wasn’t put out about being taunted repeatedly for having to swim in Myrtleville whenever the tide went out around the Island?  Angela?  Angela couldn’t have minded me ripping off her Minutes or encouraging counterfeit shower production worldwide….

No, no, I’m convinced that it was all taken in good humour and therefore couldn’t possibly prevent wholesale voting by all Sandycove Swimmers for us in the ILDSA Awards (Vote here:…

View original 227 more words

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Stunning Photos of our Coastline

If you really want to see what our little Sandycove Island looks like, have a look at these super shots, taken by Gordon Adair with Alex at the helm….

they are on Facebook – Click here to see them all..

The Exposed outside of the Island.

The Exposed outside of the Island.

Seeing the full shape of the Island from the Air.

Seeing the full shape of the Island from the Air.

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Turkey Swim… Heading for final weekend…

8 down, 2 to go. Turkey Series 2014 has flown by!.

Next weekend 20th/21st are the last 2 Turkey Swims. Both days are 3pm, with Saturday at Myrtleville and Sunday in Sandycove.

As we have had such a great turnout this year, we have good funds for prizes, so the ‘Turkey Committee’ have decided to donate your money from the last weekend of swimming to the local RNLIs. So bring your €2 as usual, and on Saturday the money collected will go to Crosshaven RNLI and on Sunday the collected money will be given to Kinsale RNLI. If you are still swimming in the sea, you are aware of the chilly, lumpy, changeable conditions, so these volunteers keeping people safe at sea are braver souls than us, any little bit we can give the RNLI will be gratefully received.

In the meantime we have bought what we need for the Spot Prizes (Butcher Vouchers, The Edge Vouchers, Wine, Beer, Chocolate, Furry Socks etc.) and as we have a lot of prizes we are going to evenly split the draw over 2 days so we don’t take forever on the Sunday going though prizes. Everyone who has signed in for the first 8 Turkey Swims are in the draw, we did come up with a maximum of 3 prizes per person though, in the season of good spirit and all that, sharing is caring etc!. After the 3pm Swim (about 4pm) we will draw names, if you are not there you will have until the end January to claim them from Carol or Angela. After that period, there is no guarantee that the drink or chocolates will be intact! :)

We hope to see many of you next weekend for a bit of swimming craic, break out the christmas swim suits, bring your warm drinks, and don’t forget some tasty nibbles to share afterwards, and most of all swim smart & stay safe :)

Festive Swimming :)

Festive Swimming :)

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Half Way on the Turkey Series Swims

Turkey Swim no5 done and dusted.. We have been so lucky with weather for the swims this year, our numbers are much bigger than normal = better / bigger Turkey Draw prizes! :) Another great day in Myrtleville this time, nearly 60 in the water.


Some of the ~60 swimmers enjoying a Sunday swim… in cloudless skies and 11deg sea temps :)

Just beware of temps, water was 11deg today, and only 8deg air (with really cold sand after overnight frost), the cold is setting in with lots of shakes about the place afterwards. Bring flipflops to save you walking on the cold ground, get changed quick, chat later with a warm cuppa of choice. Any clothing that keeps you warm is fine!, layer up, wear whatever gets the heat back to the core of the body, these are the people you can be whacky about – sure aren’t we swimming in the sea in the winter, wearing what we want must go hand in hand!

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas...

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas…

For lots more photos, keep an eye on the Sandycove Group Facebook page, Siobhan and Gordon and always lurking with cameras and are getting some super shots of the Turkey Swims this year :)

5 more Turkey swims to go… next Sunday (30th) is #6 Sandycove at 12:00 noon.

#7 – Sun 7th Dec – Myrtleville – 11:00

#8 – Sat 13th Dec – Sandycove – 10:30

#9 – Sat 20th Dec – Myrtleville – 15:00 (half the Draw will take place)

#10 – Sun 21st Dec – Sandycove – 15:00 (other half of Draw will take place)

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Turkey Swims – started with a bang!

Sunday 2nd Nov saw the first of the 10 ‘Turkey Swims’, and what a start. Over 50 swimmers out for a Sunday dip, in watery sunshine and with the sea temps holding at 13 degrees it made for a great start to the ‘winter swim series’.

Roll on next Saturday (8th), Swim is at 9:30am in Myrtleville, sign in with Angela to be included for the ‘Turkey’ Draw in December. Plenty of photos from today are on social media… beware, there are always cameras about! :)

The 2 lappers... setting out first!

The 2 lappers… setting out first!

The Crowd starts to gather... plenty of first timers to Sandycove.. that's what it's all about.

The Crowd starts to gather… plenty of first timers to Sandycove.. that’s what it’s all about.



Cameras… everywhere… in and out of the water!


and plenty of opportunities to ‘photobomb’.!

See you all next weekend for Turkey 2 :)

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Turkey Swims 2014 Dates & Locations!

It’s that time of year again, mark your Calendars for the Turkey Swim Dates 2014! Details & Dates below…

Remember this is open to everyone who swims regularly in the Sea, no matter where they normally swim! This is not exclusive to any club or group of swimmers, If you want to swim on a date, come along and join in, no matter where the swim is on! The Sandycove times are based on tides and are the same as the Sandycove swim calendar. At Myrtleville we can swim on any tide so there is a mix of Morning/afternoon times to try and suit all people days. There is a swim on every weekend to give people options.
How the ‘Turkey Swims’ work:
** Swimmers Sign In and pay €2 on the day of Swim. (someone will have a money box and signIn sheet).
** Money Collected goes towards Prizes drawn on 21st Dec at Sandycove, These include Butcher Vouchers (instead of an actual Turkey) and many other spot prizes (wine / chocolates / selection boxes etc!). We had over 20 prizes last year.
** Don’t Forget to Pay and Sign In, if you don’t you are not in the draw!
** Make however many swims you can, 1 – 10.
** The more you swim, the more times you are entered for the ‘draw’.
** A Swim Dosn’t have to be a full lap of Sandycove, or 30mins, no min/max time or distance, turn up and do what you feel comfortable with on the day. Togs or Wetsuit, up to you, swim safe, stay warm, swim with similar speed buddies.
** The Swimmers Turkey Series is a Social Event for Cork OW swimming in the Winter. Remember to bring your Flasks for after the swims, Nibbles are always welcome too!. Have Fun and Enjoy :)
Turkey SWIM Time
SAT 01-Nov
SUN 02-Nov 12:00 Sandycove
SAT 08-Nov 09:30 Myrtleville
SUN 09-Nov
SAT 15-Nov 12:00 Sandycove
SUN 16-Nov 12:00 Sandycove
SAT 22-Nov
SUN 23-Nov 15:00 Myrtleville
SAT 29-Nov
SUN 30-Nov 12:00 Sandycove
SAT 06-Dec
SUN 07-Dec 11:00 Myrtleville
SAT 13-Dec 10:30 Sandycove
SUN 14-Dec
SAT 20-Dec 15:00 Myrtleville
SUN 21-Dec 15:00 Sandycove
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