Long Swims by Local Swimmers
There have been many long swims done by Sandycove swimmers, both locally and around the world. A full and ongoing list of these swimming achievements is contained here. We also have a detailed list of all swimmers that have completed English Channel solo swimsEnglish Channel relay swims, Tsugaru, Molokai and Cook swims and  Manhattan, Zurich, Catalina and Gibraltar swims

C, D and M Clubs
Many of our Sandycove Island swimmers are lap counters.  They may have a goal at the start of the year or they may simply keep a log. We honour the muti-lappers (lifetime) with Roman Numerals as follows:

  • C = 100 or more laps (yellow)
  • D = 500 or more laps (green)
  • M = 1,000 or more laps (orange)

We welcome you to keep your results up to date (no more frequently than monthly please!) and if you deserve to be on the list, please send in your current tally to  We will accept a calculated estimate to get your current number. Just share the logic/calculations.   We also log/report swimmers with 200+ laps/year and 100+ laps/month.

We have special limited edition Sandycove Island Club hats in various colours to represent the C/D/M Club. Please contact Ned if you wish to purchase a yellow 100 lap hat, a green 500 lap hat or an orange 1000 lap hat. 🙂

The Mike Harris Trophy
The Mike Harris Trophy is awarded each year after the Sandycove Island Challenge swim to one  of the local swimmers/contributors who best captures the spirit, ethos and commitment to open water swimming for that year. The trophy is beautiful. The silver base is in the shape of waves topped by an incredible slab of sculpted glass (including a red spot on the glass to show Mike’s infamous togs).

It was unveiled on Mike’s 60th birthday on 8 Dec 2005, accompanied by a letter which gives you a feel of the honour:

“Cork Masters Swimming Club and the Sandycove Swimmers would like to  honour your contribution to open water swimming. We recall a few of the highlights:

– Sixty plus laps around Sandycove Island each and every year
– 120 or so laps in the last twelve months
– Lee Swim Winner
– Robben Island Solo Swim
– Some reported successes in Scotland (or some such place)
– The same pair of distinctive red togs
– Never coming to a swim with less than tea and biscuits for ten
– Gently encouraging swimmers in wet suits to embrace the elements
– Refusing to acknowledge a “summer season” for open water swimming
– Inventor of the “Harris Shower”
– Swimming in conditions you describe as:  “It’s a bit lumpy chaps”
– Never swimming without your most competitive spirit

A group will join your birthday swim and lunch to congratulate you on your record breaking year.  Even for this key date you didn’t stick to the agreed plan to do your 100th Island lap in 2005 – you just had to overachieve, again!!”

Winners List:

  • 2022 – David Merriman
  • 2021 – Angela Harris
  • 2020 – COVID
  • 2019 – Donna Galvin
  • 2018 – Aidan O’Herlihy
  • 2017 – Alex Jeffers
  • 2016 – Ned Denison
  • 2015 – Eoin O’Riordan
  • 2014 – Finbarr Hedderman
  • 2013 – Ciaran O’Connor
  • 2012 – Rob Bohane
  • 2011 – Ossi Schmidt
  • 2010 – Owen O’Keefe
  • 2009 – Mags Buckley
  • 2008 – Joe Donnelly and Eilis Burns
  • 2007 – Imelda Lynch
  • 2006 – Danny Coholan

The Sandycove Island Challenge Swim and Lee Swim
Every year in September, Cork Masters run the Sandycove Island Challenge, a mass participation swim which consists of one lap around the island. It is always a hugely popular event and people come from near and far to swim around our beautiful island. Here are the historical trophy winners for the swim.

A second event happens annually in June of July – the Lee Swim.  Up to 400 swim down the North Channel then left of the South Channel – about 2k.   Here are the historic trophy winners for the swim.



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