Summer Swimming at Sandycove

The “summer” season is upon us and as the weather improves and more people return to the open water it is timely to remind everybody who swims at Sandycove Island to consider other visitors and the local permanent residents. A few things to remember:

  • It is really important that cars are parked so as not to obstruct any traffic passing through the vicinity. Please remember that an ambulance should always be able to get through if necessary.
  • It is really important to drive slowly as the access roads are narrow and winding – visitors and locals, including children, walk/play here.
  • Particularly with the early morning (and later evening) swimmers, it is really important to be quiet, not honk car horns, slam car doors, shout to your friends, etc.
  • Thank you for not littering – but also please pick up any litter you see. And please take your rubbish home if you can, particularly when the bin is nearly full.

Please consider the the other visitors and permanent residents so that everyone can enjoy this special place.

Thank you and enjoy your summer of open water swimming!

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