Turkey Swims 2018

It’s that time of year again, mark your Calendars for the Turkey Swim Dates 2018! Times, Locations & Dates below…

Remember this is open to everyone who swims regularly in the Sea, no matter where they normally swim! This is not exclusive to any club or group of swimmers, If you want to swim on a date, come along, find a swim buddy and join in, no matter where the swim is on! Wetsuit, Skins, Fins, all welcome!
This year we are trying something different, we have every swim on at 12:00noon (until last weekend), and apart from the first and last weekends with 2 swims, all other dates are Sundays on the weekend. We are trying to keep a pattern, 12noon Sunday is Turkey swm time, alternating Sandycove/Myrtelville (due to tides).
How the ‘Turkey Swims’ work:
** Swimmers Sign In and pay €2 on the day of Swim. (someone will have a money box and signin sheet – probably Carol Cashell, Angela Harris or Dave Merriman).
** Money Collected goes towards Prizes drawn on 23rd Dec at Fountainstown, These include Butcher Vouchers (instead of an actual Turkey) and many other spot prizes (one4All Vouchers / wine / chocolates / selection boxes etc!). We had over 40 prizes last year.
** Excess money collected, and all money collected on the final weekend goes to RNLI.
** Don’t Forget to Pay and Sign In, if you don’t you are not in the draw!
** Make however many swims you can.
** The more you swim, the more times you are entered for the ‘draw’.
** A Swim Dosn’t have to be a full lap of Sandycove, or 30mins, no min/max time or distance, turn up and do what you feel comfortable with on the day. Togs or Wetsuit, up to you, swim safe, stay warm, swim with similar speed buddies. Turning Up for Fresh Air and a chat also counts, sometimes that’s what we need.
** The Swimmers Turkey Series is a Social Event for Cork OW swimming in the Winter.
Remember to bring your Flasks for after the swims for hot drinks to help you warm up, Nibbles are always welcome too!, there is talk of some people bringing cake! ideal way to practice for the Great Turkey Bake Off on Sunday 23rd Dec! (See the Facebook event for more info)
Have Fun and Enjoy 🙂
Turkey Swims 2018 jpeg
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