Mike Harris Award 2021

Due to COVID this website has had a long break! Although many things have been closed down over the past 18 months, sea swimming has not. For most of 2020, restrictions meant that only people within a small radius of Sandycove were able to swim there (lucky them!). So we decided that to be fair to everyone we wouldn’t award the Mike Harris trophy last year. But this summer has seen the return of all sea swimmers with both familiar and new faces enjoying the beautiful location, so we have decided that we need to get back to awarding the trophy again.

The Mike Harris trophy is awarded to the person who people feel has contributed to the spirit and ethos of open water swimming at Sandycove that year (more details here: https://sandycoveswimmers.com/achievements/#MikeHarris). The selection criteria may not just include swimming, but also other equally important swimming skills – culinary skills, amazing volunteering, endless kayaking or just being a friendly face and having a kind word for new swimmers…

We are now looking for nomiations for this year’s award. If you feel you know of someone who merits it for 2021, please drop an email to us at mikeharrisaward@gmail.com by Thursday, September 30th. In your email, please include the reasons why you feel that this person deserves the award (the selection committee will use these reasons to help in their decision).

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