Lodging, Roommates and Car Rentals

Early Entries – you have months to act….but some of you like to start early.

This was information from last year – I updated it a bit…BUT I haven’t checked prices.

Some like to get this sorted early.   Some will wait until February and a few wait until the week before.   I don’t really mind – my role is to gently facilitate – I am not taking responsibility for your place to stay!

One caution…parking is really tight at Sandycove…if you plan to come by car alone…we’ll be asking you to park about 200 meters up the hill….so car pooling has advantages !

All the local Cork swimmers (with cars) tend to stay at home – their families will just not understand otherwise (“so let me get this right Sean – you are lodging in Kinsale for a week with 3 young women?”)     

If you plan to bring your family – email me for some cautions and pointers.

PLEASE let me know if you have a place already.   I’ll keep a list until about April to nudge the orphans and after that I’ll drop out and leave you to your own devices.

Ideally you can have at least 1 CDW veteran in your house (knowledge) and having an Irish resident is also good.


How much is the total lodging rental?

How much is the expected share per person?

When exactly can we check in and when do we need to leave?  *so you know if you need a B&B/Hotel for a night or two other side

Does it have wifi?

When is it payable?

Vegetarians who can’t stand meat cooking in the kitchen?

Is the house renting a car?  If somebody (from UK or Ireland) driving to Kinsale – do you all pay them a contribution?   Do NOT rent a car now…..wait…you have time.  Car rental is mad in 2022 in the Western world – 3 and 4 times higher than 2019.

Please start with the agreement that if you drop out…you still owe…because getting a replacement in late June might be tough   ***The person doing the lodging rental carries the responsibility – beware!  You may decide to insist on full payment in advance?  You may want to include ONLY swimmers who have emailed you their paid flight details.  If a swimmer doesn’t confirm their flights by say 1 June – they are historically at a big risk to drop out.

Please start with the assumption that each swimmer comes alone….and negotiate if they bring a partner/child.


**Example (I have made up) BILL found lodging with 4 bedrooms and each will be Euro 425….anyone interested to share?  Once BILL has 3 others – he’ll confirm the lodging rental.

We need at least 2 of you to find lodging and offer places.   Send me your details (if you find a place) and I’ll email all the swimmers (or only female or only male swimmers if you specify) to facilitate.   I will have to send out your email address at this stage.

Most of the swimmers tend to stay in three locations (with easy parking)  In the past 8 years only 2 complaints about lodging (the UK gang of 10+ who rented a “castle” with 1 toilet and the UK guys who rented a room above the pub “which closed early”)!:

Kinsale Holiday Village:   THIS IS THE MOST POPULAR – a short walk to town, shops, pubs, restaurants 


Other places, B&B, AIRBN, etc.

A third, more expensive, option for swimmers has been the Shearwater apartments (one parking spot per apartment).  It is where I live, the shortest walk to town, shops, pubs, restaurants.      


Beware – the closer to Kinsale the parking might be IMPOSSIBLE.  They all say “walking distance to town” and for some that is an hour..check the map!   Here are a couple of sites



1.  Understand your travel arrangements:   we start 1st July early am and the 6 hour swim finishes 9th July at 5pm (followed by at least an hour of food/chat/goodbyes).   Either book flights or have an idea.

****Please arrive in time for the 1st am swim….you meet folks (more easily), hear their stories, and get SAFETY talk about Sandycove Island.

Airports:   Cork is close.   Shannon 3 hours by bus.  Dublin 3.5+ hours by bus.     Check exact times…and yes…faster to Kinsale from Shannon or Dublin if you rent a car.  There is a Euro 8 (about) bus from Cork Airport at least hourly to Kinsale (takes 30 minutes)…in case you arrive before your roommate with the car rental!

2.  Be a lodging rental leader (?), find a place and email me details…..and I’ll send to the others

3.  Wait and see what other leaders offer in the coming weeks

4.  Leave it all for 2023….and worry later (every year a few drop out at the last minute:  injury, home issues, etc.

Because of the international group and nearly 60% of you are veterans – you may have met others before.   I’m sending out the lists of registrants every week or so.   If you want to make email contact…let me know and I’ll pass YOUR email on…

***Please do NOT mention these other swimmer names to others or on social media (Facebook etc.).  A couple haven’t yet 100% confirmed and some of the cowards have not YET told their partners that they are coming!