After CDW – What happens

Juliet celebrates completing the length of Lake Tahoe

Agony for one swimmer and hundreds of us following the tracker and yelling encouragement on the CDW Whatsapp group, pulled after 18 hours in the English Channel

The “coincidence” meeting at the White Horse Pub in Dover (name writing) on the wall.  Elaine crewed for Martha’s English Channel crossing and Jenny after walking down from London, swimming to France and cycling to Paris.   They are multi-time CDW veterans.

One swimmer headed for the Fastnet – denied 1km from reaching it as the tide turned

A few years ago we cried when Therese was pulled in a very cold English Channel in June.  This year we were glued to her track and screamed at her success

2022 Martha Wood completed the English Channel and looks forward to seeing her name on the 2023 version