CDW Towel plus Triple Crown Dinner

CDW Towel plus Triple Crown dinner

CDW produces a towel with the name of every swimmer have swam the English Channel and around Sandycove Island. Quite a few swimmers have made “getting their name on the towel” their goal in the first years of their marathon careers. It is possible opt-out of having your name on the towel – just email

Each year CDW holds a Triple Crown Dinner – with about 100 attendees. This is the place to honor Triple Crown swimmers, all on the towel, volunteers and named CDW Heroes.

2023 Towel portrait

2019 Triple Crown Dinner program

2022 at the Triple Crown Dinner:  Triple Crowners in attendance

2022 at the Triple Crown Dinner:  all who earned a spot on the towel

2022 Vera Rivard – a new addition to the towel as a Triple Crowner (and her very involved family) get delivery of one towel each

2022 While the puppy on the towel makes a great photo – chances of a dump on a friend’s name is high

2022 David named as CDW Hero and presented with a 3D sea chart for the island and surrounding waters

2022 Nearly 100 in attendance – an enjoyable evening

2022 Marty and Ian – the newest Triple Crowners at the dinner to get their names on the towel