Turkey Swim Dates 2017

It’s that time of year again, mark your Calendars for the Turkey Swim Dates 2017! Times, Locations & Dates below…

Remember this is open to everyone who swims regularly in the Sea, no matter where they normally swim! This is not exclusive to any club or group of swimmers, If you want to swim on a date, come along, find a swim buddy and join in, no matter where the swim is on! The Sandycove times are based on tides and at Myrtleville we can swim on any tide so there is a mix of Morning/afternoon times to try and suit all people over both days of the weekend.  Wetsuit, Skins, Fins, all welcome!
How the ‘Turkey Swims’ work:
** Swimmers Sign In and pay €2 on the day of Swim. (someone will have a money box and signin sheet – probably Carol, Angela or Eoin).
** Money Collected goes towards Prizes drawn on 23rd Dec at Fountainstown, These include Butcher Vouchers (instead of an actual Turkey) and many other spot prizes (The Edge Vouchers / wine / chocolates / selection boxes etc!). We had over 30 prizes last year.
** Don’t Forget to Pay and Sign In, if you don’t you are not in the draw!
** Make however many swims you can.
** The more you swim, the more times you are entered for the ‘draw’.
** A Swim Dosn’t have to be a full lap of Sandycove, or 30mins, no min/max time or distance, turn up and do what you feel comfortable with on the day. Togs or Wetsuit, up to you, swim safe, stay warm, swim with similar speed buddies. Turning Up for Fresh Air and a chat also counts, sometimes that’s what we need.
** The Swimmers Turkey Series is a Social Event for Cork OW swimming in the Winter.
Remember to bring your Flasks for after the swims for hot drinks to help you warm up, Nibbles are always welcome too!, there is talk of some people bringing cake! ideal way to practice for the Great Turkey Bake Off on Sat 23rd Dec! (See the Facebook event for more info)
Have Fun and Enjoy 🙂
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Sandycove Island Challenge 2017 – Entries CLOSED


We are receiving a large number of enquiries about this Saturday’s Sandycove Island Challenge. Please see the above message from the organisers of the swim, Cork Masters. The swim is full, entries are closed, and no amount of begging or pleading or knowing the right person will get you in at this stage. You need to enter early for these events, a couple of days before is not the time to be thinking about signing up.

If you are already registered and you have questions about the swim please direct them to Cork Masters on their Facebook page.

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Final Few Events still to come

There are still some more events planned over the next few weeks, these have been listed on the calendar (Munster_Open_Water_Event_Calendar_V.9_September2017), but here is the quick links below:

Sat 9th Sept – Gouganne Barra – Cork – 2.5k/4k –  Entry LINK

Sun 10th Sept – Sean O’Sullivan Swim – Clare – 1.5k/3k/5k – Entry LINK

Sun 10th Sept – Blennerville to Fenit – Kerry – 3k/8k – Entry LINK

Sat 16th Sept – Sandycove Challenge – Cork – 1.8k – Entry LINK

Sat 30th Sept – Skerking to Baltimore – West Cork – 2k – Entry LINK

Sat 14th Oct – Spanish Island – West Cork

Sat 28th Oct – Vampire Swim – Myrtleville


By the Way, YES, there will be Turkey Swims on each of the weekends in November and December, start practicing your Baking!! 🙂 Dates to follow soon…






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Still more events to go

Following on from my July post on upcoming swims, I have updated the calendar with entry links to some of the swim that I may have not had before.


Open the Calendar link to check out all the details you need, but here is a snipit of some upcoming events in next few weeks:

Wed 9th Aug – 7pm – Deel Swim, Askeaton – 2.5k – Enter via email sec@askeaton-swim.ie

Sat 12th Aug – 6pm – GADD Glengarrif – 1/3/5/7k – Enter via website HERE 

Sat 12th or 19th Aug – Kilkee Bay Swim, Clare – 4pm – 2.5k – TBC

Sun 20th Aug – Malbay Swim, Clare – 10.30am – 1+2k – Enter HERE

Sat 2nd Sept – Saltees, Wexford – 12noon – 4k – Enter HERE

Sat 2nd Sept – Ardgroom, West Cork – 2pm – 4k – Enter via UPDATED LINK 

Check out the calendar for the rest of Sept and Oct events, still more to come!.

PS – if you have an event you want added to the calendar, please email me and I’ll add it for next issue (done monthly), carolcashell2@gmail.com Thanks. 🙂



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July Events

As we are officially in summer months, there are plenty of upcoming swims to choose from, full list through to October on the calendar page, but here is a snipit of the July events. Remember to book your place if you know you want to swim, most events have  limits on entries.


Sat 8th July – Thomond Swim – 6.15pm – 1.8k – Website Entry Link

Thurs 13th July – Myrtleville Swim – 7.00pm – 2.0k – Active Link

Sat 15th July – Champion of Champions – 9.00am – 1/3/5miles – Active Link

Sun 16th July – Inchydoney Swim – 3.30pm – 500m/1k/2k – Primo Link

Sat 22nd July – Lee Swim – 3.30pm – 2.0k – Primo Link

Sat 29th July – Courtmacsherry Swim – 11.30am – 1.5 & 3.0k – Active link here

Sun 30th July – Union Hall Swim – 10.30am – 1k & 3k – Online Link




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Summer Solstice Swim – June 21st

Páraic Casey’s Summer Solstice Swim:

Wednesday 21st June @ 6pm, Sandycove Island

We’d like to invite you to remember and celebrate a very much loved and missed fellow Sandycove Island swimmer, and beloved husband of Riana Parsons.

His passion for swimming brought him to amazing places. We would like to celebrate his great achievements and passion for life, with a swim round the Island followed by some cake, which he often did too.

BBQ’d meat, buns and condiments will be provided, but if you want to bring some food to be BBQ’d yourself then please do (we will not have veggie/vegan/gluten free options – please bring these to be cooked if you wish, it’s not a bother).

All salads, cake and drinks (hot and cold) are welcome, so bring plenty!

TITW @ 6.30pm
Kind regards

Donna Galvin

Club Secretary

Sandycove Island Swimming Club

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Updated Calendar – V5

Hi All –

I am attaching the updated version of the Munster Swim Events Calendar for 2017.

Please note:

  • Most events have max limits, so may close entries before the date, do not wait until last minute to sign up, if you know you are going to a swim, or think you want to do a swim, then enter to have your place.
  • Most events do not allow sign ups on the day, waves/merchandise/logistics/food may have to be arranged before the day.
  • It takes a lot of behind he scenes admin/time/effort to put on Events, please respect the volunteers who give up time to do the best they can for an event, of which majority are run for some local charity.
  • If you find yourself unable to swim, your entry fee usually goes to the Charity, refunds are very rare.
  • If you can not swim an event (due to limits/illness etc), please ask the orgainser if they need volunteers on the day. There are MANY jobs to be covered on the day of a swim, please step forward, everyone has to start someone with learning the ropes of an event.
  • This year the calendar is looking great, many options, over many distances, from mid May to mid October, if you are thinking of putting on an event, let me know, between myself and Ned and a few other seasoned organisers, we will help guide you on what needs to be done. Its all about sharing the load.
  • And finally, remember to swim smart and swim safe, if in doubt, don’t swim.



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