First Postal Swim month starts today (Nov. 1st)

If we can make this a success we are going to try a monthly winter league. So email me your name before you start.

And you don’t have to be in Ireland. Sandycove is worldwide. Join in..

Just a reminder of the rules:

  • Swim as far as you can in a hour…EXACTLY.
  • 1 hour (if you are halfway through a length when the time is up, count to last complete length)
  • Only 3 attempts in  the month (even if you are doing this every day)
  • If changing strokes you can only change to a slower stroke: front crawl to anything else, ‘fly to breaststroke or backstroke, backstroke to breastbreast, breaststroke to drowning.
  • THE CLOCK DOES NOT STOP (drinking, toilet breaks etc)
  • One swimmer only. NO DRAFTING.
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2 Responses to First Postal Swim month starts today (Nov. 1st)

  1. Franke Thomas says:

    Registrien Sie mich als Teilnehmer:
    Thomas Franke
    Am Heiriet 7A
    D18209 Reddelich
    Ergebnis 08.11.2010 7h-8h Halle Rostock

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