Turkey Series – First Swim Oct 31st


Hi folks,

Many thanks to the 15 swimmers who turned up at 12 noon yesterday to support the Turkey Series. The weather wasn’t the most encouraging and the sea was wild as it is wonderful.

The 15 swimmers were:

Jen Lane, Paul Twohig, Sally Kelly, Sevi Mc, Eoin O’Riordan, Aideen O’Riordan, Karen Mason, Joanne Conroy, Stewart Hayes, Owen O’Keefe, Rob Bohane, Dave Mulcahy, Steven Black, Mike O’Hare and Liz Buckley.

We had 4 swimmers swim on the inside of the island and 11 swimmers who swam around. On the first corner we “buddied” up so that noone was swimming alone in these conditions and everyone swam wide of the island.  We did have one person try something new (Paul, forgive me!), as he was not feeling too good, he clambered onto the island and swam back from the other side.

Special thanks to Steven, Mike, Eoin and anyone else who waited on the 2nd and 3rd corners for swimmers and check numbers. Its all about looking out for each other in conditions such as these! Much appreciated!!

One lap was enough for most of us but Mike (O’Hare) decided to join Craig, Gábor and Ciarán when they were heading off around the island at 1.30. He even lost his goggles at the first corner after an encounter with the waves!! When the lads arrived back they had met an otter who was eating a fish (Gábor, you should really give it back to him…) and our resident Sammy Seal ….

Thanks and well done to everyone for a great swim!!

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7 Responses to Turkey Series – First Swim Oct 31st

  1. gabor molnar says:

    it wasnt me! i swear! it was the seal!

  2. cold water says:

    wow, great job! looks like fun, what were the water and air temperatures?

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