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3/5/9k Achievement Lists Added

A list of swimmers who have completed 3km, 5km and 9km swims is kept for each year. This is to mark personal achievements, and is also used by swim organisers to check if someone meets the qualification requirements for their … Continue reading

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Sandycove Swimmer’s achievements now stored on Google docs

We’ll be using Google docs to store some documents like Ned’s list of Sandycove Swimmers achievements which is now uploaded and available at Next year we’ll also put the 3/5/9k qualification list up there, and other relevant documents. Right … Continue reading

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Send us some pictures and vids for the Gallery

Hey Sandycove Swimmers, One advantage of the site over the email list (which will remain by the way) is the ability to store and display some media. Send us (the Admins) some content, photos or video at (Though we … Continue reading

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Turkey Series

Hi folks, The Turkey Series is a very simple concept…it’s a social event for outdoor swimmers. We meet on a Sunday in Sandycove and pay €3 into a kitty. Your name is taken and entered into the draw which takes … Continue reading

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Reminder – Postal Swim Series – Join Up

As you saw on the Sandycove list recently, we are going to try an inaugural Postal Swim in November and if it goes okay,  start a winter league. The basic idea is; you swim as far as you can in … Continue reading

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Sandycove Swimmers (Worldwide) Swim Locations – Add Your Spot

Use the Google Map, previewed below, to add your swim location, with a bit of safety detail for the visitors. To add click on the link and add a Location Tag with the name and detail. Add you name also … Continue reading

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Donal – thanks for putting this together and Lisa – it seems that really it was all your idea – well done getting Donal to do all the work! I’m exercising Admin privileges to edit this post and deny this!- … Continue reading

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Sandycove Challenge 2010 Organising Committee

Okay all,  I was rooting around my hard drives for images to use for initial testing and found this photo I took in Hamlet’s after this year’s Sandycove Challenge. I thought it would suffice as a good first image.

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