Celebrating with Páraic – In Dover and France

After Páraic’s Channel Swim in July Páraic and Riana had planned to return to La Sirène, the restaurant on the beach at The Cap. Sadly this didn’t happen. 

In an attempt to honour this wish and to remember the good times we had in Dover and France we went back. We went back to remember the holiday we shared with friends and ‘family’, to celebrate a small part of a great life that we were all lucky enough to have shared with Páraic.

Before our meal at La Sirène, we had the obligatory dip, in chilly conditions, it has to be said. A special mention has to go to Paul Foreman and John Thorpe, Páraic’s pilot and observer, who both got in for a dip. Coach Eilís also deserves a mention for her endurance swim in chilly water. In keeping with the tradition of collecting a pebble from one’s landing spot Ned suggested we all take a pebble (some people took liberties on the definition of a pebble!) from the beach and bring it home to Sandycove for Páraic.

An important part of the trip was the ‘unveiling’ of Páraic’s bench at Varne Ridge. Huge thanks go to those of you who brought about this touching tribute to Páraic (you know who you are…take a bow!). Situated on top of the cliff at Varne Ridge Caravan Park, the bench has a commanding view of the channel. We hope that many people will have the opportunity to sit on the bench, think of Páraic, and take it all in.

Thank you to Sandycove Island Swimming Club – The Club that keeps on Giving – who helped make this memorable trip happen. 

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1 Response to Celebrating with Páraic – In Dover and France

  1. Juergen Mueller-Wolff says:

    Just great, how you Irish Folks go about with this tragedy and honour the one taken out of your midst. Respect.

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