Updated Calendar – V5

Hi All –

I am attaching the updated version of the Munster Swim Events Calendar for 2017.

Please note:

  • Most events have max limits, so may close entries before the date, do not wait until last minute to sign up, if you know you are going to a swim, or think you want to do a swim, then enter to have your place.
  • Most events do not allow sign ups on the day, waves/merchandise/logistics/food may have to be arranged before the day.
  • It takes a lot of behind he scenes admin/time/effort to put on Events, please respect the volunteers who give up time to do the best they can for an event, of which majority are run for some local charity.
  • If you find yourself unable to swim, your entry fee usually goes to the Charity, refunds are very rare.
  • If you can not swim an event (due to limits/illness etc), please ask the orgainser if they need volunteers on the day. There are MANY jobs to be covered on the day of a swim, please step forward, everyone has to start someone with learning the ropes of an event.
  • This year the calendar is looking great, many options, over many distances, from mid May to mid October, if you are thinking of putting on an event, let me know, between myself and Ned and a few other seasoned organisers, we will help guide you on what needs to be done. Its all about sharing the load.
  • And finally, remember to swim smart and swim safe, if in doubt, don’t swim.



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