March updates

Spring is coming….. we’re turning the corner of winter weather (hopefully)..

So it’s time to start marking your calendars with events. The Annual Cork Open Water / Sandycove Spring Dinner is on Friday 28th April in SoHo, Rooftop Bar. Open from 7pm, with BBQ food available from 8pm. The Space is limited (to 35), so sign up online to prepay for your spot and food. Don’t just turn up on night, we have to know the numbers beforehand to have appropriate food ordered, we do not want swimmers to be left hungry!! Link is HERE to book your place.

The Bulman swim is also available to book as one of the first swims of the summer, you must be a member of a Swim Ireland Club to swim this event, please sign up or Renew your Sandycove Island membership (Link to active). or check if your Tri Club is also registered to Swim Ireland (I know Cork Tri & Crosshaven Tri are, others, not sure yet). Of course, any other Swim Ireland club number will do too, Special Membership, Cork Masters, Sundays Well, Mallow etc, just make sure you have your 2017 number when you enter the swim.

I have updated the Events Calendar, most swims are open to book now, links are on the attached sheet, any queries on an event, please contact the organiser. Please sign up early, commit, and train appropriately for the distance. Most swims do have a numbers cut-off (as insurance only covers x amount). So do not assume you will get a place in an event close to the time.

As always, if you do not want to participate in a swim, the organisers will take any help they can get, please think about volunteering to Kayak, to checkin, to count out, to direct cars, to transport bags etc, there are many unseen tasks to keep an event running smoothly, everyone should pay back at least once a summer if possible, and then the same people are not on land all the time, missing the swim.

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