New Year Goals!

Welcome to 2017..

So here is a nice early season goal for you all.!

An overnight event on at Source Leisure Centre, you DO NOT need to be a member to participate in this event, it is open to all swimmers, triathletes etc..

Click on the link for full details and to enter, but there are Swim, Bike, Run options, mix and match or 2 or just swim.

For the swim, the pool will have all 5 lanes available from 10pm-5am. For the first few hours, to keep a structure, the lanes will be repeating 100s on times. place yourself in a lane where you can get 5-15sec rest between 100s.

Lane 2: 180x100m on 1.40   Lane 3: 150x100m on 1.50   Lane 4: 100x100m on 2.00   Lane 5: 80x100m on 2.15  and   Lane 1: Swimmers in and out option

It’s best to work as a lane doing this, last time we did this, we started with 8 in our lane, and each swimmer took their turn to lead the lane for 10x100s, it broke up the hours nicely, by moving positions every 10.! Whether you are there for one hour or 8, once you join a lane, fall in with their pace, and as long as you’re getting about 10sec rest between 100s you are in the right place.

Go On, sign up for one or two or more hours, you know you want to!.

Finally, if any of you want to volunteer to stay on deck with Eilis will you drop her a note please, extra eyes on sleepy swimmers will be needed!.




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