Spring update!

It’s been a while, not a huge amount going on over past 2 months, some ice swims, some masters galas, a little sea swimming and probably a lot of hibernating from most!.

But evenings are brighter, sea temps hit 10deg (on a day with decent weather), so its time to get planning for the next few months.

I have emailed out the Munster Open Water Event Schedule for 2016. The sign up links are included where I have them. Please, help the organisers by signing up early if you know you are doing an event. Most events have Facebook pages too with more information (also included).

Feel Free to print/share the calendar, I will keep updating the version in the Calendar link on this website, with any new swims etc..

In the meantime, here is version 1 – Draft.


Munster_Open_Water_Event_Calendar_2016_V1draft – this is excel version – it has clickable links you can use!

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2 Responses to Spring update!

  1. Thanks for doing the calendar  Carol.  For us the 1k option is a very important part of the programme. Could you please amrnd? Thanks Ossi & Imelda 

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