The OW Season has begun!

Last night kicked off our open water season with our start of season dinner at Market Lane (huge thanks to Angela Harris for organising!). It was a great night for catching up with people that we haven’t seen all winter and for discussing plans for upcoming swims. So on that note, it’s time to start planning your events for the season! The Munster calendar of events for this summer is available here and is also linked on the calendar page. It will be updated as more information becomes available and as more swims open for entries so keep checking back. Huge thanks to Finbarr Hedderman for putting it all together.

Our swim organisers are all volunteers and spend a huge amount of their own time putting these events together. One of the best ways to help them is by signing up early so that they know how many people that they will have swimming. This is very important particularly for organising safety cover. If lots of people sign up at the last minute it causes a huge headache for the organisers in the run-up to the swim. So if you know that you definitely want to do a swim, please sign up as soon as you can.

Happy planning 🙂

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