One More Weekend for Turkey Swims 2013


Another Weekend of Turkey Swimming done, Well I say weekend, Saturday was a complete washout, but Sunday was a bit more swimable!. 10 brave swimmers took to the ‘lumpy’ waters on Sunday for a dip, water temps still reading between 9.9-10.2 deg. 🙂  Welcome back Mags & Paul, and Bye Bye to Anne and Denis (off to the sunshine!)

Saturday 14th Dec. A bit too lumpy to swim 'Says Finbarr'!.

Saturday 14th Dec. A bit too lumpy to swim ‘Says Finbarr’!.

Sunday Swimmers - willing to give it a go!

Sunday Swimmers – willing to give it a go!

SC 15DEC (wave)

First Corner was still Challenging on Sunday!

So now there is only one weekend Left for the Turkey Swim Series 2013, Next Saturday (21st Dec) at 10:30am the swim is at Myrtleville, Bernard has promised Mulled wine and Pies for afterwards! 🙂 and then on Sunday (22nd Dec) at 10:30am the last swim is back in Sandycove. This is the BIG day!, we’ll do the prize draw for the ‘turkey’ (ie – butcher vouchers), and all the other lovely prizes we have accumulated. Lets hope the weather co-operates for us at Sandycove for the Draw.

Finally, a reminder that Sandycove Swimmers have a Facebook page, very handy to ask who is swimming when, ask about temps etc. Just a general page for swimmers to contact people all at once: (this is a group page, so you will need to be signed up to Facebook to view messages/comments).

See you next weekend, remember the cold will burn off calories, so you can totally justify eating more chocolates, cakes, pies etc… 🙂


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