New Year, New Goals – Setting a Lap Target

Another way to increase your distance in 2012 if you are a Sandycove swimmer is to set yourself a target number of laps of the island for the year. If you’ve never done a lap, why not aim to do one this summer? Or if you’ve done one, why not aim to do 10 this year, or 20, or 50, or even 100?

To recognise people who have completed many laps of the island, we created the C, D and M clubs. We honour the muti-lappers with Roman Numerals as follows:

  • C = 100+ laps
  • D = 500+ laps
  • M = 1,000+ laps

The list of the members of each of the clubs can be seen here. If your name should be on one of the lists and isn’t, or if your total hasn’t been updated in a while, please send in your current tally to and we will update it.

And if you aren’t on one of the lists but would like to be, why not make it your goal for 2012?

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