Sixth Turkey Leg – 11th Dec 2011

It started off as a nice day … but sure enough, as there was no sign of Owen, @12.45  it lashed rain by Loch Hyne!!

Still, 5 brave mortals went into the notably chilly water …. 8.5 degC! Those who did were: Stephen Redmond, Steven Black, Noel Browne, Marion Nealon and Micheal Hurley.

No sign of the seal today and the dolphin (there were 2) has gone (sadly the other one died).

Luckily for all concerned the sun decided to greet us afterwards as we munched  on home baked mince pies, muffins, scones …. Thank you Jane, Micheal, Stephen, Marion!

Next week’s Turkey Swim is in Sandycove @ 12 noon, Sunday, 18th Dec and will be followed by the Turkey draw.  This is the final one and there is no charge.

Look forward to seeing you!

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