Loch Hyne Swim Results and Photos

The final official swim of our 2011 Munster OW season took place on Sunday, October 23rd. It was due to be a swim from Sherkin Island into Baltimore, but due to weather conditions on the day, it had to be moved to Loch Hyne instead. We swam one lap around the lake, to complete a distance of about 2,000m. Regardless of the bad weather and change of venue, we had a fantastic turn-out on the day, with 41 swimmers completing the course. Conditions were reasonably challenging-there was quite a bit of chop to contend with close to the slip, but as we got closer to the island it was a bit more sheltered. And I think everyone agreed that the water temperature was reasonably warm for the end of October! It was a great swim to end the season.

As always, thanks to our volunteers. It wasn’t a nice day to be hanging around, so much credit is due to everyone who helped with safety and timekeeping. We really appreciate it 🙂

The swim results and some photos taken by Kevin Power are posted below.

Results by Swim Time

Name Swim Time
Ferdia Kenny 17:00 (short route)
Ned Denison 25:52 (route unknown!)
Owen O’Keefe 28:54
Fionnuala Walsh 31:29
Rob Bohane 31:33
Craig Morrison 31:55
Ellen Brooks 32:00
Steven Black 33:03
Lisa Cummins 33:33
David Merriman 33:43
Catherine Sheridan 33:47
John F Walsh 33:50
Catriona Lynch 35:41
Chris O’Sullivan 36:06
Riana Parsons 36:20
Padraic Casey 36:45
Denis Merrit 37:17
Kevin Myers 37:27
Niall Vaughan 37:56
Noel Brown 38:22
Cliona O’Sullivan 38:50
Jim Brennan 39:16
Bob Fitzsimons 40:15
Gus Cooney 40:24
Angela Harris 40:54
Tom McCarthy 41:26
Fiona O’Sullivan 41:50
Robert Merrick 43:00
John O’Leary 43:02
KevinPower 43:22
Mike Harris 43:31
Angela Leonard 44:00
Maria O’Regan 44:23
Marion Nealan 45:59
Diammuid Fitzgibbon 46:07
Michael Hurley 46:29
Eoin O’Sullivan 46:31
Sinead Hourihan 47:11
Ann-Marie Mullaly 48:15
Alex Jefferies 49:03
Iryna Kennedy 53:25
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