Turkey Series 2011

Hi folks,

Its that time of year again!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Turkey Series (otherwise fondly known as the Sprout Sprints), these are a series of social swims for anyone who enjoys a dip in the sea on the run up to Christmas.

We meet on on a weekend day when the tide is high in Sandycove/ Loch Hyne and if you want to enter for the draw, pay €2 into a kitty. The draw takes place on the last day of the ‘sprints’.  First prize of the draw is a fresh turkey … if you really want, feathers and all! There are some fun prizes as well which are best revealed on the day 🙂

You don’t have to swim: you can walk the Sandycove ‘ring’, chat amongst friends, it really is up to you. The philosophy behind this event is for everyone: swimmers, friends and family, to socialise.

For those who want to swim, swim options include:

1. around the island
2. around the 3 red buoys on the inside of the island
3. across and back to the island

Generally the weather dictates which option is the best on the day.

Noone is being timed. Noone is measuring the distance you swim. It is just for fun, so you can wear what you like ….

Date and times of the swims:

  • Sun Nov 6th, Sandycove @ 2pm
  • Sat Nov 12th, Loch Hyne @ 1pm
  • Sat Nov 19th, Sandycove @ 12 noon
  • Sun Dec 4th, Sandycove @ 12 noon
  • Sat Dec 10th, Loch Hyne @ 1 pm
  • Sun Dec 18th, Sandycove @ 1 pm followed by Mike Harris’ annual Christmas Soirée!!

Hope to see you there!

NOTE: These swims are not insured. You swim at your own risk. 
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