Cork to Cobh 2011

Cork to Cobh, Sept 4th, 2011
Write-up by Fergus Galvin, Swim Organiser

The third annual Cork2Cobh Swim commenced in adverse weather conditions under a parisol on the Clarion boardwalk in driving rain! Eye witness accounts from Cobh of strong wind, driving rain and heavy chop resulted in a curtailment for safety reasons of the swim to Cork to Blackrock.

The rain disappeared as the first wave entered the water around 11:40. As the third wave of Ned, Billy and Owen entered the water a titanic struggle for swim supremacy was at hand…some interference tactics were suspected under the bridge! 12 swimmers were now in the water.

The weather improved and the swimmers arrived at Blackrock in a time range of 42 to 58 minutes to be greeted by blue skies and warm sunshine! Was this the same day as the start?

Age proceeded youth this year as Ned beat Owen and Billy into second and third place…but watch this space! Owen’s butterfly technique was enjoyed by all at Blackrock Quay.

Welcome soup and sandwiches were enjoyed in Cobh later in the afternoon. Hopefully next year the weather gods will shine 😉

Female Wetsuit Winner – Mary Fitzsimmons
Male Togs Winner – Ned Denison
Male Wetsuit Winner – Jonathan O’Regan

High Points:
– A safe swim enjoyed by all!
– Billy our youngest swimmer at 13
– Owen’s Butterfly down the river
– Ken beating Alan by 13 seconds
– Trevor Malone’s fast swim
– Good soup in the Waters Edge
– Finishing in the sunshine
– Everyone’s support !!

Special Thanks to the Volunteers & Crew, especially those who support us year after year.

Safety Rib – Gerry Horan NMCI
Safety Rib – Dave Riordan SAC Dive Club
Safety Jetski – Damien Russell
Safety Rib – Ciaran O’Connor (retired enroute, boat difficulties)

Kayakers – we cannot do it without ye

Phoenix Kayak Club – Marie Henderson

Safety Officer – Alan McGuinness
Timekeeper – Jason Murtagh
Support Car – Tadgh Harrington
Transport – Shane Murphy
Support Crew – Andrea Newport
Support Crew – Carol Cashell
All Family, Friends & Volunteers…and anyone that I’ve forgotten!

Results by Swim Category

Name Wetsuit/Togs Gender Swim Time
Mary Fitzsimons W F 46:55:00
Ned Denison T M 42:03:00
Owen O’Keefe T M 45:20:00
Billy Mulcahy T M 45:25:00
Trevor Malone T M 47:34:00
Ken Rodgers T M 50:03:00
Alan Rodgers T M 50:16:00
Dave Merriman T M 52:49:00
Kieran Fitzgerald T M 56:45:00
Jonathan O’Regan W M 49:36:00
Vincent Harris W M 51:26:00
Paul McGarry W M 58:23:00
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