Escape from Spike 2011

Escape from Spike Swim, 7th August, 2011
Write-up by Niall O’Crualaoich, Swim Organiser

Many thanks to those who came to the 2011 Escape from Spike Island swim. What a day, we managed to the the only bit of calm water on the day and had lovely sunshine too. Despite one of the worst weather forecasts the water was a tropical 14 degrees. The Cobh Edition had an article about the swim, as well as a link to all the photos Mike took. Jeff Castle’s album is also to be found here.

So before the results, I just wanted to thanks all the sponsors: the Edge Sports store (Kinsale roundabout), Great Island Motors (which you pass on the drive in), Munster Dive and Canoe shop (Local Cork shop), the Quay’s bar (whose pontoon you will be floating on), and of course the Lions Club of Cork. The safety boats and kayakers deserve a huge thanks. And to those of you who brought biscuits and sponsorship money for the Lions club or help out on the bank, again thank you. Last but not least, thank you all for coming and I hope to see you next year.

Escape from Spike Results 2011
Start Nr. Name Surname Wetsuit Time Overall
1 Michael Fogarty Yes 32.47 20th
2 Brian O’Shea Yes 25.21 3rd
3 Sinead Bracken Yes 36.25 28th
4 Brian Russell Yes 33.26 21st
5 Jim Shalloo Yes 23.36 2nd
6 Joe Breathnach No 28.58 10th
7 John Carew No 44.40 37th
8 Clare Morrissey Yes 30.16 13th
9 Fergus Galvin Yes 32.06 17th
10 Maura Murphy No 35.40 24th
11 Mary Horgan Yes 32.01 16th
12 Robbie Allen No 32.35 19th
17 Finbarr Hedderman No 36.56 29th
18 Ned Denison No 22.38 1st
19 Ellen O’Brien No 32.16 18th
20 Ross Michael Gernon Yes 26.14 5th
21 Vanessa Daws No 50.23 38th
22 Peter Meaney Yes 27.33 7th
24 Marie Barry Yes 27.16 6th
25 Robin Newsome Yes 26.03 4th
26 Aisling Finn Yes 39.00 34th
27 Matt Lilley Yes 28.32 8th
28 Andy Millar Yes 38.27 31st
29 Ray Goggins Yes 36.14 27th
30 Mick Horgan Yes 34.40 23rd
32 Billy Coffey Yes 38.09 30th
33 Ray Power Yes 38.40 32nd
34 Gary Power Yes 38.40 33rd
35 Ray Toomey Yes 31.1 15th
36 Brian Murray Yes 41.35 35th
37 Paul O’Brien Yes 36.01 25th
38 Mags O’Brien No 36.01 26th
39 Eric Murphy Yes 34.01 22nd
40 Tom McCarthy Yes 30.32 14th
41 Kieran Nolan No 44.26 36th
42 John F Walsh No 29.01 11th
43 Frank Kelleher Yes 29.07 12th
45 Gay Castles Yes 28.32 9th
46 Eithne Burke Yes 51.00 39th
47 Sandra O’Shea Yes 51.00 40th
48 James Gould Yes 51.00 41st
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