Lee Swim – Stewards urgently needed

The ‘Vibes and Scribes’ Lee Swim will be starting this time tomorrow. Everything is in place and ready…except that we are still short a number of stewards. If we don’t have enough stewards, the Gardaí could cancel the swim at the last minute or they could refuse to allow the Swim to go ahead next year. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the future of the swim is at risk.

Stewards will be situated on the bridges that the swim will pass under and will be there to prevent spectators running across the bridges in front of traffic. So you don’t need to be a swimmer to help out! If you are swimming and you are bringing friends or family along for the day, please consider asking them to help out.

We also still require a number of kayakers to help with safety for the swim.

The time committment needed is from 3pm until 5-5:30pm when the swim finishes. If you can help, please email stewards@corkmasters.ie. Thanks as always to all of our volunteers!

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