Time to start planning

It’s that time of year: the clocks have changed, the evenings are getting longer, the sun is even starting to show it’s face regularly. And for all of us open water swimmers that only means one thing…it’s time to start planning your open water swim schedule for the summer!

The first draft of the Munster swim schedule for 2011 is available here. Whether your goal is completion, just fun or pushing your personal best distance up and up – you will find events to please.

For those of you wishing to participate in the longer swims (3k and above), the organisers will probably be looking to your record in 2010 to see accomplishments at these longer distances. If you are new to distance, start keeping a swim log NOW – it may help you qualify for your first 3k – and start you on the distance path.

With the exception of the Thomond Swim in Limerick (a classic togs only, handicapped event) EVERY other swim is open to swimmers in wetsuits.

Please get SAFELY in the sea, lake or river at least twice BEFORE you enter your first event. Get used to the cold water, waves – and no lane lines in plenty of time (without the pressure of a starting gun) before your first event. Also consult your Doctor if you have medical issues which might hamper swimming and be in good pool swimming shape/practice before you join an event.

The list shows the swims expected to the insured by Swim Ireland at the top and those insured by other organisations at the bottom. Please note that for all the swims insured by Swim Ireland, you MUST hold a current competitive membership in a Swim Ireland club (pool team, masters, water polo, diving or synchro). If you don’t have one today – talk to your local club, they may offer an attractive package of pool time and coaching. The other option may be to join the Sandycove Island Swim Club for €50 for the year. This is open to all swimmers aged 18 and over, with residency or strong Munster ties – who completed a 1,500 meter open water swim in Ireland since 2010. For swimmers who have never before belonged to a Swim Ireland club, the Sandycove Island Swim Club will offer a €15 membership from July 1st to mid-October.

If you are just not the “joining” type – five of the swims at the very bottom of the list are “open” and run at distances from 1,000 to 2,500 meters. Gain some experience and get a feel for the sport in these open events!

The schedule will not be final until it is published by Swim Ireland (on their website) probably in late April…..so double check with the organiser listed before you make any expensive travel plans! Our calendar page will be kept updated throughout the season so keep an eye on it for any other events or for updates to the events currently on there.

See you soon in some of the most attractive swim locations in the world!

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