Last Legs of the Turkey Series 12th Dec 2010

Many thanks to everyone who showed up on Sunday last in Sandycove and to everyone who participated over the past few weeks. It has been great fun!

We had 2 ‘legs’ on Sunday as any good turkey should have …

Leg 1 – Gábor Molnár, Eoin O’Riordan and Finbarr Hedderman

Gábor and Eoin went around the island – Eoin with wetsuit, Gábor without. Finbarr did a long swim (without wetsuit) on the inside of the island. Water temp was approx 7 degC.  Wind was chilly!

I think Gábor is the only one mad enough to circumnavigate the island these days without a wetsuit, so he gets a special pic:

They lads were back in time to welcome Leg 2:

Rob Bohane, Craig Morrison, Mike Harris, Carmel Collins, Karen Mason, Jen Hurley, Ossi Schmidt, Imelda Lynch, Sevi Mc and Sally Kelly.

We had a quick “Happy Birthday” cheer for Craig and he got to see his birthday cheesecake before diving into the balmy Sandycove waters. He waved goodbye to it whilst the rather hungry Leg 1 lads promised they’d look after it for him….

And the moment we’d all been waiting for…

The Turkey draw

The lucky Turkey winners are:

Mike O’Hare, Karen Mason, Imelda Lynch and Carmel Collins.

The Runners up (tin of sweets) are:

Sally Kelly x 2, David Merriman, John Conroy, Liz Buckley, Jane

The luckiest Brussel Sprouts winners are:

Ossi Schmidt, Denis Sheehan and myself, Liz Buckley.

For the Turkey winners and those who want to claim your prize, please contact me.

Many thanks to everyone! And Merry Christmas!

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2 Responses to Last Legs of the Turkey Series 12th Dec 2010

  1. cold water says:

    amazing, you are so lucky to have a crowd for a 7C swim! How often is the inside triangle not swimable due to waves even though you are there at the right tide?

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