Vote for Anne-Marie Ward – World Open-Water Swimming Woman of the Year

This is from Owen (O’ Keefe), and many of you will already have seen it on the Sandycove email list.

“Hi Everyone,

As you most of you surely know at this stage, one of our own, Anne-Marie Ward is in the running for World Open-Water Swimming Woman of the Year. At the moment she is in the lead, closely followed by Brazil’s Ana Marcela Cunha, but voting does not close until midnight on 31st December and she needs to maintain this lead to win.

You should know exactly why you should be voting for Anne-Marie, but for those of you who don’t, just read her story below the poll. Here is the URL:

The voting system allows one vote per IP address, so everyone please use both your PC, laptop AND smartphone to vote, and please encourage as many others as you can to vote! Every vote counts! Anne-Marie definitely deserves this title…”


Owen O’Keefe

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