Breaking the ice in December

Morning folks,

Saturday, 4th December…There are those who were most sensible and stayed in by the fire, taking a well earned rest after a tough week battling with snow and ice, and then there are those …… who swim

Today I went as a witness, complete with ice breakers. Gabor and Craig were eager to get going when Eoin O’Riordan, Rob Bohane, Carmel Collins and Finbarr Hedderman arrived in Sandycove to swim at 3 pm. I watched in admiration as they got in, without as much as a squeal, in fact I heard someone say ‘its not that bad’.

Gabor, Eoin and Finbarr circumnavigated the island while the rest of the group swam inside, anticipating for themselves how long they should stay in for.

Temperature was measured at 6.8 degC – cosy??!!

Even have video evidence:

Well done all! Just a reminder that all these swimmers are well used to swimming in cold conditions.

Hopefully will have feedback from the Loch Ine Turkey swim today – I was unable to make it myself but Steven Black kindly offered to supervise it.

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