4th Turkey Swim – Sandycove, 28th Nov

Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well and warm!

Despite ice and snow, 8 nutters did show up yesterday to swim:

Mike Harris, Mike O’Hare, David Merrimen, Rob Bohane, Barry O’Sullivan, Imelda Lynch, Ossi Shmidt and myself, Liz Buckley.

It was a stunning day: sun shining, flat calm water…ideal conditions for a cold water swim.

We decided beforehand that noone in “just” togs would go around as we were not sure of the temperature yet.

Mike O’Hare and David Merrimen agreed they would go around together, wearing wetsuits (these guys are super speedy!!).  Imelda and Ossi also went around together wearing wetuits (both well used to swimming in cold water).

The rest of us splashed around on the inside of the island – keeping close to land, just in case. My watch read 9.5 degC on one spot and 8.5 in another.  It really was up to the swimmer to judge for themselves regarding how long they should stay in. Again, I stress, all swimmers who went in are well used to cold water and know how they react.

Later that day, Lisa Cummins and Gabor Molnar went to Inniscarra lake (they are training for the Cold Water Championship endurance event in London in Jan). They swam 15 mins in sub 6 degC – well done both of you!

Donal Buckley also swam at a location close to him in Waterford, air temp -3.5 degC, water temp 9 degC. Well done to you too Donal!

Many thanks to everyone who showed up, those who swam in other locations and those who couldn’t make it because of road conditions:there will be another swim in Loch Ine next Sunday, the 5th at 12 noon, and another Sandycove Turkey swim on Sunday 12th at 10.30 am.

Swim safely, swim in numbers and enjoy!

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