3rd Turkey Swim – Loch Ine

Hi folks,

We had an unbelievable day on Sunday 21st for the swim in Loch Ine.  The sky was clear blue and the sun beamed down on us for the day. A great turnout, 13 swimmers in total: Sevi Mc, Barry O’Sullivan, Jen Hurley, Jen Lane, Jen Lane’s friend Pat, Karen Mason, Steven Black, Sally Kelly, Padraig McGuire, John Conroy & Liz Buckley, and a couple who swam by the pier Calen Hurley and Jane.

The water was approx. 10 degrees C, chilly but with the sun smiling on us, it was a truly enjoyable swim.

We then headed off to the Sibin bar to enjoy soup and tea by the fire …

Thanks to everyone who made the trip down and making it a great day!

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1 Response to 3rd Turkey Swim – Loch Ine

  1. cold water says:

    13 swimmers for 10 degC water … I think the world capital of open water is now SE Ireland, wish I was there.

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