Reminder – Postal Swim Series – Join Up

As you saw on the Sandycove list recently, we are going to try an inaugural Postal Swim in November and if it goes okay,  start a winter league.

The basic idea is; you swim as far as you can in a pool in one hour, submit the distance, and we start a ranking. It’s not just about the fastest, it’ll give you a good baseline and target to work at during the off-months.

However there are some rules.

  • Honour system. It only works if everyone is honest.
  • One stroke mainly. If you change stroke you can only change to a slower stroke.
  • No stopping clock, for toilet breaks, drink etc.
  • Though you may swim an hour or more every day, you only give yourself 3 chances in the calendar month.
  • No drafting behind faster swimmers.
  • Let me know the stroke & pool length.

I currently have 12 names from Sandycove. Come on and sign up.

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